Darrin Redinger, DC

Advanced Chiropractic in Elmhurst and Palatine, IL

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After attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, we both worked as associate doctors in different successful practices before linking forces to found Illinois Spinal Care in Elmhurst in 2007. Our combined love for people, life, team, and results has translated into a unique patient centered experience designed to get people feeling better now and to keep them better throughout their lives….all while having fun doing it! In 2018, we opened our office in Palatine, IL with our long time associate Dr. Brian Mendoza heading up the effort. In the years to come you will continue to see us add more clinics with the noble purpose of serving others and helping different communities realize their true health potential.

At Illinois Spinal Care our purpose is to positively impact the enjoyment and the quality of life of our patients. The fact is, we are living longer and we need to start thinking about what it means for you and your family to live a long time. We don’t merely want to be able to exist on this planet – we want to be able to live, work and play. We want to have a QUALITY life! The goal is to get you on track for a great life ahead, and we do this with a proven chiropractic system that is tailor made for each individual for pain relief, stabilization, maintenance and prevention.